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A Brush with Napoleon

An exciting story of war, love, and art from National Book Award finalist Laban Carrick Hill

* Historical fiction that resonates with our own time
* Appealing blend of romance and action

Napoleon Crossing the Saint Bernard, one of the most famous paintings in Western art, is a piece of war propaganda--for example, Napoleon didn’t ride a rearing stallion to cross the river on his campaign; he rode a donkey. Napoleon relied on the artist Jacques-Louis David to polish his public image. The truth behind the propaganda is revealed by acclaimed author Laban Carrick Hill in a compelling story of fifteen-year-old Jean, whose idealistic view of the leader comes under fire when he begins working in David’s studio. As he battles with Louis, David’s cowardly son, it becomes clear that their fates mirror the course of the French Empire. Blending romance, drama, and history, Napoleon’s Sitter is a dynamic addition to the popular Art Encounters series.

Selected Works

1. Nonfiction
"Completely awesome"--Time "Hill tells the story of the birth of hip-hop with his own catchy rhythm, and Taylor’s illustrations bring out the enthusiasm and sense of community at the heart of this trend-setting sound."--New York Times Book Review
"Phenomenal."–Howard Zinn "Excellent."–New York Times Book Review
Harlem Stomp! is a wonderous new book: it celebrates a time, a place, an energy, and a people who refused to be held back and so they created a culture the entire world is still reeling from.”
--George C. Wolfe, writer, director, and producer of the Public Theater, NYC
3. Poetry
A picturebook poem describing the life of the slave potter Dave. Illustrated by Bryan Collier.
“Contemporary Poetry of New England offers a vivid portrait of a region, its colors and smells, its physical and emotional textures, and the people…. It presents a range of poets, few of whom would call themselves a “region poet,” although each has taken to heart in a private way Frost’s haunting dictum: ‘Locality gives art.’”
--from the Introduction
2. Fiction
A seventeen-year-old is plucked out of the Grande Armee to sit in place of Napoleon for a portrait of the Emperor by the artist David.
"I felt like a kid reading every word on the page! I liked the strains of "magic realism" coming through in Frida's house! Children will relate to this very much! The story is charming and reads like a thriller." –Margarita Aguilar, Assisant Curator, El Museo del Barrio
4. Middle Grade Series
These kids love extreme sports--snowboarding, skateboarding, rock climbing, wake boarding--and are ready to fight when the right to do their sport is threatened.